What are the hours of operation?

• Our Restaurant in front of the Malolos Sport and Convention Center is Open from 7am to 9pm everyday except for certain holidays.  Please check our Facebook page for holiday announcements
• Our "Eat All You Can" Buffet is available everyday from 10am to 8:30am last call

Does InfinityMeals offer catering?

• Unfortunately InfinityMeals does not offer off-site (non restaurant) catering.
• We do have Party Trays and Bulk Packaged Meals that you can enjoy outside.

Do you offer group discounts?

• Rather than offer a discount to one particular group of guests, we believe it is our responsibility to make sure we are providing the best dining value possible to every guests who dine with us.

Is there a free birthday offer in the restaurant?

• There is no free offer at our Express (Kiosk / Counter) branches.
• Our guests can receive a complimentary birthday dessert on their birthday week (3 Days BEFORE and 3 Days AFTER their actual birthday date)  Please bring a government approved ID for verification.


STEPS: How do I book an event with InfinityMeals?

• Contact us at 09064034026 or Personal PM Message us at for the details and list of packages.
• Once you have chosen the package.  Contact us to reserve a date and time to meet with the Manager to discuss the details of your event such as decors, theme, colors, arrangement, food.
• Make the non-refundable down payment to reserve the date the time.

What is included in the 6k package?

• Deluxe "Eat All You Can" Buffet for 25pax
• Famous Salad Bar, 2 Choices of Hand Stretched Pizza, 3 Types of Pastas, Whole Wheat Sandwiches and House Calamansi Iced Tea.
• 2hr Reservation of the Garden Patio
• Sound System and Microphone use
• Dedicated Service Staff

What food do you have available for your events?

Deluxe "Eat All You Can" Buffet: Famous Salad Bar, 2 Choices of Hand Stretched Pizza, 3 Types of Pastas, Whole Wheat Sandwiches and House Calamansi Iced Tea.
Supreme "Eat All You Can" Buffet: Our Prized Jack Daniels BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Rosemary Lemon Chicken, Steamed Brown Rice + Famous Salad Bar, 2 Choices of Hand Stretched Pizza, 3 Types of Pastas, Whole Wheat Sandwiches and House Calamansi Iced Tea.
• A La Carte Menu (6k Minimum): You can choose anything from our menu with a certain event discount.  Please contact us for the details.

Are desserts included in your buffet?

• To keep the Quality High and the Costs Low we have to separate the desserts from our buffet.
• We have a separate dessert station available that offers "Eat All You Can" mini desserts.

What is your Dessert Station?

• The Dessert Station is 8 varieties of mini desserts beautifully arranged on a beautiful feature table, refilled as needed.  Choose your choice of the following:
• 4 varieties of Premium Mini Desserts: Real Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango Cheesecake Shots, Chocolate Mousse Cups.
• 4 varieties of Traditional Mini Desserts: Chocolate Truffles, Mini Iced Chocolate Cupcakes, Brownies, Blondies, Cake Pops, Fruit Salad, Buko Pandan, Leche Flan, Cookies and Cake Bars.

Can we extend the hours?

• 1k to extend for the extra 3rd hour.
• 4th hour upon approval by management.
• 90% of our guests are okay with 2 hours.

How can I reserve the Date and Time?

• A 2000 Non-Refundable down payment must be made at the restaurant before the date and time is fully reserved.  No exceptions.

Do you have programs, clowns, magicians, MC’s, hosts?

• Unfortunately we don't have those extras for the events.  You are responsible for setting up programs and we may help you layout the event.
• We have a sound system and a wireless microphone that you can use at your event.

Can we bring home the food after the event?

• Unfortunately you cannot bring the food with you at the end of the event.
• The dining experience is a buffet "Eat All You Can" setup and therefore not allow to bring food home.


What type of franchise is available?

• InfinityMeals franchise is offered in a KIOSK or COUNTER format

What are the Benefits of Franchising InfinityMeals?

• There is higher success rate due to its business model rather than starting from scratch.
• An exciting new brand generating humongous interest in the food industry.
• Breaks away from many cheaper restaurants out there that provide delicious but unhealthy food. 
• Financing that may come from various sectors may be availed easily when putting up a good reputation franchise like InfinityMeals.
• A franchisee may also secure a significant profit when success formulas are met such as low-cost supplies, proper placement, and good marketing techniques.

What to consider when franchising InfinityMeals?

• Must be passionate about the healthier lifestyle associated with InfinityMeals.  An advocate of helping people reach their goals by suggesting and producing healthier alternate fast food.
• Make sure that you really want to own this franchise and this will best fit your venture among other offered business opportunities.
• Be certain that you can work harmoniously with the InfinityMeals franchise and it is within your interest. A visit to one of the franchise store will help you be more aware of operation and proceedings.
• Carefully study the Terms and Condition, Franchise Agreement, and what are included in franchising InfinityMeals.
• Check if the InfinityMeals franchise will be compatible with the rules and regulation, as well as existing laws on chosen location.
• Best location is one key aspect to have a successful InfinityMeals franchise. Study the environment and see if your business suits the surroundings.

How to Franchise an InfinityMeals Outlet?

• Choose a perfect location for your store.  Ensure that there is high foot traffic, with key elements like near schools, offices, parks, terminals, residential areas and a saturation of health conscious people in that area.
• If you prefer to place your store in a mall or a shopping center, you are required to provide an award notice or lease proposition before we would assess or survey your proposed location.
• A verbal agreement or informal agreement should be settled first if you are planning to put your store in a terminal, school ground, occupied road and similar locations prior to your site assessment.
• Book a schedule with us at our Main Restaurant office for your site evaluation by filling up the Location Information Sheet
• There should be a 50% deposit prior to the construction of the kiosk / counter
• You will need to attend an InfinityMeals business operation meeting.
• Have your staff go through orientation, training and evaluation.
• The signing of the franchise agreement contract.
• Settle the remaining balance fo the franchise package upon delivery of your kiosk. 

What does the FRANCHISE FEE cover?

• InfinityMeals Trade Name and Logo
• Site Assessment and Feasibility
•Initial Training and Ongoing Field Support
(Franchisee, Store Manager, Staff)
• Grand Opening Assistance
• Dedicated Support from InfinityMeals
• Turnkey Operation and Manual
• Online Manager for Transparency
• Simplified Payroll, DTR, Staff Management
• Reports, Inventory, Commissary Ordering
• Strong Marketing Team and Network
• Local and National Marketing Support
• Cont'd Research & Product Development
• Cont'd Service Innovations & Efficiencies

Who is Francorp: The Franchising Leader?

• Francorp is acknowledged as the world's leader in franchising.
• Since 1976 Francorp has completed full franchise development programs of over 3,000 business worldwide
• Helped the develop the franchises of successful companies such as Jollibee, The Generics Pharmacy, Potato Corner, Goldilocks, Bench /, Penshoppe, David's Salon and many more.
• Learn more about them at

What does the FRANCHISE PACKAGE cost cover?

• Food Counter / Kiosk
• Fencing Counter / Kiosk
• High Grade Materials for Durability
• Commercial Grade Laminated Flooring
• Stainless Steel Sink
• Stainless Steel & Tiled Counters
• Plumbing and Electrical
• Point of Sale Softer, Tablet & Computer
• Store Assembly Setup & Organization
• 5 Dining Tables, 4 Chairs, 10 Stools
• Table and Dining Area Decorations
• Upright Chiller, Transfer Coolers
• Rice Cooker, Panini Grill, Blender
• Preparation and Serving Utensils
• Small Wares and Kitchen Containers
• 10 Custom Stylish Staff Uniforms
• 3 Days of Food & Beverage Stock
• 3 Days Worth of Packaging
• Grand Opening Support
• Grand Opening Marketing Collateral
• Social Media Marketing Package
• Technical and Operations Support

How many branches does InfinityMeals have?

• We currently have 3 branches

- 1 Express Kiosk at Robinsons Place Malolos
- 1 Restaurant in Malolos City, Bulacan in front of Malolos Sport and Convention Center along MacArthur Hwy.
- 1 Restaurant in Malinta, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila along MacArthur Hwy.

What is the timeline from signing to store opening?

• The approximate timeline is 4 - 8 weeks but varies depending on size, condition of location and complexity of design.

Who will provide the manpower?

• We will assist all our franchises in hiring and training the store's staff, however all staff are considered employee of the franchisee for ease of operations.

Who will build my store?

• We provide the store design and construction project management and assistance to all our franchisees.  We recommend that you choose from our accredited list of contractors with experience constructing restaurants and retail stores but may also choose your own contractor provided they comply with the accreditation standards.